ZIPPERTRAVEL  is the  newest venture by the creators of Zipper, Steven Saden and Elizabeth Cashour.  During the last 20 years, Zipper was a retail store with locations in Los Angeles, Brooklyn, and Sonoma as well as the website, zippergifts.com.  Wondering what could be next, on April 30, 2013, Zipper’s founders took the bold step to close up shop and hit the road on their No Regrets Tour.

e and s in greece 1After 6 months on the road, Elizabeth and Steven decided it was time to share their travel experiences around the world with a blog and social media (pinterest, facebook, and twitter) and  ZIPPERTRAVEL was born.  ZIPPERTRAVEL offers commentary in the areas of design, fashion, politics, and the arts, and tells you stories of an adventure without regrets.  In the past, the store Zipper was about expressing Elizabeth and Steven’s point of view through the artists they represented and merchandise they selected.  With ZIPPERTRAVEL, that expression is deepened and expanded by sharing their own views in a new way with personal writings and photographs.  The travelers hope you will enjoy seeing the world through theirSouth Dakota Sky 4  eyes and become inspired to live your own dream to the fullest.

ZIPPERTRAVEL is the “third act” and a fresh start for both Elizabeth and Steven.   Steven was a fashion designer on 7th Avenue and Elizabeth was an arts administrator and playwright in New York  before moving to Los Angeles and founding Zipper in 1993.  Now living in Napa, California, they use the beautiful setting of wine country as their base to travel to new destinations with the motto, “Travel light and dwell in the moment.”

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  1. Hello! I’m Debbie, Don’s sister. Linda posted your blog on her Facebook. Wow! What a wonderful adventure you both are embarking on! I look forward to reading your future posts on all the wonderful places you visit. I just moved to Saint Johns Florida, which is between Jacksonville and St Augustine Florida. If you ever venture out this way, please know that you are most welcome to stay at my house! I have a 3 bedroom and it’s just me, so I have plenty of room. There is a lot of history here and so much to discover! Wishing you safe travels, and as my brother Don would say, “Happy Trails”!

    1. Hi Debbie, Thanks for the invite! We were just in the PCB area. The beaches are gorgeous! Hope to return to Florida on our travels! All the best, Elizabeth

      1. Do you guys have any interior photos or stories of the old NYC Diplomat Hotel?

        If you do email me at jmcdrums@aol.com
        Love to hear from ya!!!

        1. Sorry, no interior shots of the Diplomat. I have one exterior shot, but it’s in Baltimore in a moving box.

          1. Picture of the old Diplomat Hotel is out of the box and now hangs with others on the living room wall in Severn

          2. That’s wonderful. It will be nice to see it in the new house.

  2. Hi you two,
    Iam glad you decided to let us know how your travels are going. This is going to be a fun journey!
    I am the customer that purchased those great looking lamps that remind me of a Chanel perfume bottle!

    Have fun,
    Grace Sorg

    1. Hi Grace, Yes I remember you — hope the lamps look great in your bedroom. Hope you enjoy the blog! Elizabeth

  3. I loved your Sonoma retail shop. I’m anxious to follow your blog but I would like to get it weekly via e-mail. How can I sign up for weekly posts via e-mail. I don’t see a sign up slot on your blog. Thanks

    1. Excellent. I’ll get back to you on that! Elizabeth

  4. Great to see you two have NOT landed and cannot wait to hear all about your travels, best of luck and glad Georgy Girl along for the ride. Please remind her it was the ” new seekers” who made her nomenclature famous so aptly fitting for this journey.x

    1. Thanks, Judith. Thought of you when we went to Mexico City and LOVED IT! All the best, Elizabeth and Steve

  5. Congratulations on the launch!! So exciting – can’t wait to read your blog and follow you on your exciting adventures – at least I can vicariously experience “the road.” Lots of love and so happy to be sharing life’s journey(ies) with you!

  6. In 6 short months you’ve been from Sonoma to Florida to Mexico and now back to Ojai?! I’m heading to Hawaii in Dec. could you go do a bit of island blogging and set me up?!!
    Looking forward to wonderful stories every Monday.
    Susan (penguin)

  7. Thank you for including me on your travels. Joanne and I plan to travel extensively when she retires in 2.5 years. You are living our dreams. Do you remember I created the pencil drawing that helped launch the L.A. store?

    Much love and happy trails,


    1. Thank you, Dick. Of course we remember you! Hope you enjoy ZIPPERTRAVEL — pass the word! All the best, Elizabeth and Steve

  8. Thinking of you both fondly – and JEALOUSLY. Savor everything!!!

    1. Hi Glen! So good to hear from you. Hope everything is wonderful in your world. Since we had an old e-mail address I wasn’t sure our e-mails would get to you, but I’m glad we’ve re-connected! All the best, Elizabeth

  9. jealoaus of you two and your rambling…
    love you both

    1. Hi Eamon, Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We’re mid-ramble at home in Napa for a couple of weeks. Love to the whole family. Elizabeth and Steve

    1. Hello Michael, I’m so glad that you’re enjoying the blog. The pointy slippers we found online at Sereen.com. All the best, Elizabeth

  10. It has been my honor to co-host the Zipperites as they prepare to leap across the Atlantic…and then again on their return. Coming and going. The world is a lucky place to have these two traveling through it . . . AND reporting on it in such grand style. Keep dwelling!

    1. Thank you so much, Tim. I like Zipperites. It’s spritely. All the best, EC

  11. Hi,
    I just discovered you! Have we met? Are you on my mailing list? For some reason I have not surfed your emails or blogs to me until this morning. I have been receiving them I think. ……..the reason I opened this email this morning was I thought you were a travel agency……and I am looking for areas in Sardina, Italty to take a group of artists to do a painting workshop with me. But what I found was your delightful info and journey that you are on. Yes. Follow your dreams……..I support that dream 100%!! Have we met? Possibility in Sayulita Mexico or in Gualala ( on the southern Mendocino coast). I am an artist …….who paints, plays, teaches and just opened in November 2014, . an art gallery in Gualala, California…..Dianne Neuman Gallery. http://www.dngallery.com
    I really enjoyed sharing your pictures and blog this morning. Please keep in touch……..warmly,

    1. Hello Dianne, We may have met in either the Sonoma or Los Angeles Zipper (our design store that we closed last April). Congratulations on the opening of your new gallery. I know it’s a scary and time consuming venture, but it will bring you great joy. The next time we are in the Mendocino area we’ll be sure to stop in. We haven’t been to Sardinia (yet) so I don’t have any recommendations for your group, but I’d be happy to do a little research for you if you’d like. Meanwhile, I’ll add you to our subscriber list so that you will receive each week’s posting in your email. Next week’s blog is about Madrid — one of our favorite cities in the world. Thank you for following Zippertravel and please spread the word! All the best, Elizabeth

  12. Hello Zippers!

    I happily receive your updates and root you on in your travels across the worlds, big and small 🙂

    – Jude

    1. Thank you, Jude! We really appreciate the support!

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