Zippertravel No Regrets Tour 2016 In Review


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A five-time Grammy winner, country singer/songwriter Mary Chapin Carpenter began her musical career performing at open mic nights in Princeton, New Jersey. After graduating from Brown University with a degree in American Civilization, she played in Washington, D.C. bars while she looked for a “real job.” Fortunately, before she landed that real job, she signed a record deal with Columbia and released her debut album in 1987.  For this week’s Listen Up, we’ve chosen “New Year’s Day” from Carpenter’s 2012 album, Ashes and Roses, which has been described as “quiet but fierce” (Thom Jurek, “New Year’s Day” fuses the aching awareness of the passage of time with the resolute optimism that rises up on the first day of a new year.


above left: The photo of Daniel Paige for Listen Up was taken during our 2016 visit to Malibu, California. A new voice on the Los Angeles music scene, be sure to check out this talented up-and-coming singer/songwriter on his Facebook page

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tim-on-bike-governors-island-zippertravel-2016Looking back over 2016, we’ve selected Zippertravel’s top 20 posts for the year and assembled them in no particular order below. Some were chosen because the places were magically delicious, others inspired us with their rich history or held the possibility for making history. Some created wonderful memories with friends and family, while others featured good friends who are Placemakers in their hometowns. In all 20 of these places we saw something we had never seen before, met new people and dwelled in possibility.

Join us in the desert, atop mountains, on the seashore, in big cities and in small towns; ready yourself for wild animals, wild ideas, and wild rides; and, enjoy the art, music, and good books we discovered along the way. Click on each photo to read (or re-visit) the post about that destination, then return to this page by using the back arrow in the upper left hand corner.


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  1. RIP Georgie Girl – the best road traveller ever !

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